Where to buy a SIM card? You can buy the card in the offices of the mobile operator (there are separate offices throughout the city; in shopping centers there are PLAY desks; in stores Żabka and so on). The cost of a SIM card is 5 PLN. Since February 2017, Polish legislation has established a mandatory personal registration of SIM cards, so when you register a starter pack, you will be asked for a passport. How to activate the SIM card? Becoming the owner of the card, you need to activate it. The easiest way to activate is to call any number! Insert the SIM card, turn on the phone, dial the number – and the tariff is activated. Play to memory Card (Standard) One of the most common tariffs. Implies free intra-network communication. Calls to other operators are charged. To activate this tariff plan you need to buy any starter pack from the Polish operator Play and enter the activation code *163*6# on your mobile phone.   Cost of calls and Internet traffic:  
Cost Explanation Replenishment Outgoing/ Incoming call
0 zł cost of minutes and SMS in network Play 5-9 zł 5 / 65 days
0,29 zł price per minute other operators 10-24 zł 10 / 70 days
0,09 zł SMS Price to other operators 25-49 zł 30 / 90 days
0,12 zł Internet (per 100 kB) 50-99 zł 100 / 160 days
100-300 zł 150 / 210 days
You can connect additional minutes and megabytes:
Traffic Price / days activation Code
600 MB 5 zł / 30 days *111*531*1#
2 GB 9 zł / 30 days *111*532*1#
6 GB 20 zł / 30 days *111*533*1#
  Monthly packages will be more profitable for continuous use of mobile Internet. Their conditions and methods of connection:  
Traffic Price / days activation Code
600 – 700 MB 5  zł / 30 days *111*541*1#
2  – 3  GB 9 zł / 30 days *111*542*1#
6 – 7  GB 20 zł / 30 days *111*543*1#
  All specified parameters are applicable for use within Poland. Roaming services are charged separately and depend on the tariff.   How to Fund your Polish Play account The operator accepts payment in the usual ways: The recharge card 2) Through the interior of the Play 3) At ATMs, etc. Useful codes Play numbers (codes) that can always come in handy: Service Number To check balance *101# My number is *121# My tariff *111*49*1# Traffic balance, MB * 108# Minutes remaining * 104# The remainder of the SMS *109# Account management *111# After entering any code, you must press the “Call” button. Specific rates may have additional numbers specifying or managing services. More detailed information about the launch package:  
"Secret signs" in the passport

Useful information ??
We will share with you information about the “secret signs” that may appear in your passport when you try to cross the state border.
As you know, when you ban the entry of the border guard fills out a form, which indicates the specific reason for the ban. A copy of this completed form is issued to the foreigner. In addition, a stamp is put in the passport, which is crossed out with an ink pen and the same letter is written next to it, which indicates the reason for the refusal in the form.
In addition to all the explicit prohibition (filling out forms, entering personal data in the border systems), after a laconic communication with an employee of the border service in the passport may appear strange marks, letters, each of which has its own meaning.
What does the letter written in the passport next to the stamp mean?
A-does not have a valid document \ documents allowing to cross the border
B-has a fake document
With the absence of a valid visa or another document that allows you to stay in Poland
D-has a fake visa (other document)
E-does not have documents confirming the purpose and purpose of the trip
F-exceeds the norm of 90 days within any 180-day period in the territory of a member state of the European Union
G-does not have sufficient means of subsistence while in RP
H-the foreigner is entered in the Schengen SIS information system or in the national register (i.e.-the entry ban was implemented earlier and the ban has not yet expired)
I-poses a threat to security within the EU (public order, internal security, public health or international relations).
We sincerely wish each of you a bright, Sunny summer! Fulfillment of all life, professional expectations! Peace, kindness, prosperity and disobey the rules of crossing the state border! I’ll see you in Poland) #TFJob

Theme of transport in Poland

Public transport in Poland is very convenient, comfortable and economical to get from point A to point B. One of the advantages is a clear schedule, short waiting intervals and raznosotornnoe routes even in the most remote regions of the city, as well as beyond.  

To easily navigate the system of urban communication, we offer you to use electronic programs and applications on phones/smartphones and other media))

 In the rating of the necessary programs for you the following applications:

1) application with Google Play, the perfect app for” travelers ” inside the city) the Program will automatically determine the city, the place Of your actual location, indicating the destination the program will offer you a route to the stop, indicate the time of travel, the cost of the ticket and escort from the stop at which You left to the specified address. At all, super!

2) mobileMPK  the app with Google Play, here you will track the route of your bus, as well as where it is while you are waiting. Traditionally, choose the country, city and number of the bus and everything is ready… have a Good trip))

3) I use the program for the purpose of drawing a route from city to city. With the help of the site, you can choose the type of transport, view the schedule, order and buy a ticket. All clear))

* I look and flights with departures abroad (Ukraine, including))

4) search for bus routes in Poland, from Poland to Europe, and even from Poland to Ukraine. The application is very active offers you to use the services of this carrier. Tickets can be reserved and bought on the website, there is a separate application in the same glorious Google Play. Travel in buses is comfortable: view from the window of a double-Decker bus, wi-fi, charging, toilet, Luggage storage…

Tickets for travel

You can buy in newsstands, or at the conductor (but there are always those tickets that are more expensive), or in the machines at the stops.

There are several types of tickets. According to the time interval of travel and accounting for possible transfers.

Cardboard ticket should be immediately validated upon entering the bus or tram! In the case of a city Card (more on it later), in order for the ticket encoded on it to become valid, the Card must be attached to the ticket composting machine.

Ticket control: controllers do not wear uniforms (in cases of which require that the controller’s ID be shown). Controllers, before checking tickets, block devices for composting tickets and if You for any reason do not have a punched ticket, You face a Fine.  

The penalty for travel without a valid ticket (and if the passenger is entitled to benefits – without a valid document entitling him to use this advantage) in Warsaw is from 140 to 180 PLN (+fare). The controller must issue a document confirming receipt of payment. If the passenger is unwilling or unable to pay the fine on the spot, he receives a receipt indicating the amount owed and the date of payment (in this case, payment can be made at ZTM passenger service points, by post, or by Bank transfer). In this case, however, the controller requests the passenger’s identity document (e.g. passport). If the amount of the fine is not paid within this period, the carrier may take the case to court.

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Air Transport-Aircraft:

In short, in order to avoid queues when crossing the border between States and, if possible, also to save on travel*, a worthy mode of transport is an Airplane))

In Poland, international airports are located in such cities:

Cheap airline companies

It is often more cost-effective to use the services of cheap airlines. Below are the cheap carriers that offer flights to / from Poland.On their websites you can check the current discounts on tickets.

Aer Lingus Air Italy Click Air EasyJet Germanwings Norwegian Ryanair Wizz Air

Due to the dynamics of changes in offers for cheap airline tickets, it is worth looking for connections through search engines such as: www.skyscanner.pI

Internet in Poland on the phone?

You asked — We answer

We will tell you what conditions for mobile Internet connection are offered by mobile operators in Poland

Basically,#mobilniyinternet can be ordered by the code of the mobile operator whose services you use (and choose a mobile operator, we helped you before).

Consider what conditions and options are relevant in Poland:

1) The Operator Play For 5 PLN / month. You can order a 600 MB Internet package, there are offers for 2 GB/month content. and 6GB/month. The offer of Unlimited Internet is valid-49 PLN / month.

* If you plan to use each month of the services of the selected package, then know if in the first month for 2 GB, you paid 9 zł / month, then in the second month for 9 zł / month. You will be given already 3 GB (as well as 6 GB – from the second month of use 7 GB, for the same 20 zł / month.

There are Internet packages long-term packages are Tarasov (for a month). More information on the link:

2) The Operator T-Mobile Internet at 250 MB will cost only 2 PLN / day. There are also offers to connect the package for 1 month (1 GB, 3 GB, 6 GB). The cost of services from 10 to 30 PLN / month.…/obslug…/uslugi/pakiety-internetowe…

3) The Operator Orange – Unlimited Internet from mobile operator Orange, will cost you 25 PLN / month.… – Internet packages are cyclic or one-time, you can connect by codes from the link:… – Pay your Attention to promotional offers:…

We wish you to always stay on-line with your loved ones) remember to call your mother ??‍?

The publication has only an informative character! Not an advertisement!

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Insurance policy

On behalf of TF Job employment Agency, please pay attention to the changes concerning the process of issuing a national visa in Polish consular offices and??

It is a document confirming the availability of health insurance in Poland (Insurance). The relevant structures have approved a list of insurance companies whose policies meet the requirements specified in the law on foreigners.

So, the Insurance policy for registration of the Polish visa, it is possible to issue only in such insurance companies:


Read more at the

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